Misioneras De Cristo Jesús

Bulletin 475 June

Bulletin 475 June of Missionaries of Christ Jesus available to view or download.

In this number we find:

Pg.1: Our GD’s letter Pg. 5: Biography of Carmen Juan Pg. 7: Farewell to Carmen Morales Pg. 9: Theology from the inner city Pg. 11: Centenarian P. Perez Bobillo Pg. 13: Secular M.C.J. online. Pg. 14: Going out into the street Pg. 16: Mission San Lorenzo-Bolivia Pg. 18: On a Synodal key Part 2 Pg.21: Sharing, pre-novices of Vietnam Pg.23: India, juniors’ meeting Pg. 30: Louise and Pamela’s final vows Pg. 32: Anniversary of M. M.Camino’s Easter. Pg. 32: From our families Pg. 32: www.misionerasdecristojesus.com

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